Ordering tickets on the Belarusian railway

Ordering tickets on the Belarusian Railway

Dear passengers!!!

In order to ensure the high quality of processing of applications and provide consumers with the opportunity to choose from the available travel options,

booking seats on passenger trains will be carried out by telephone number 105.

Functioning the form "Ticket ordering" is terminated from 01.11.2021.

Using this service, you can make reservations for passenger trains, both inside the republican and international (CIS and Baltic countries) communications, followed by travel documents (tickets) issued at points of sale (ticket offices) of the Belarusian Railway at personal appearance. Reservation of seats is carried out from 60 to 1 days before the departure of the train, according to the established deadlines for the preliminary sale of travel documents (tickets) for the requested train.

When filling out the order form, be careful: enter the passenger data correctly (last name, first name, middle name). The key details of the application for determining the route are the departure and destination stations, the train number is a mandatory clarifying requisite of the route for this route.

The cost of the reservation service is 31 k. for every place ordered.

In one order, up to four places are issued.

Orders are accepted in direct and non-stop communication. If you need to place an order with a transfer on the way, you must send two or more orders, depending on the number of transfers.

To purchase a travel document (ticket), you or your authorized representative must appear at the ticket office to issue travel documents at any time convenient for you before the expiration of your order specified in the notification. The validity period of an order is usually 2 days (including the day of booking). When booking a day before the departure of the train, ordering is carried out by the time specified in the notification. When booking on the current day of train departure, the order is terminated 2 hours before it is dispatched, regardless of the deadline for submitting an application.

To ensure customer notification of the results of order processing, an on-line polling of the application status using the bookmark "Your order".

Addresses and opening hours of travel document sales points can be found using the link .

Applications are considered in the order they are received at the Contact Center of the Belarusian Railway.

Rules for ordering tickets.

You can order a service for booking seats, which is carried out from 60 days to 1 day before the departure of the train, according to the established deadlines for the preliminary sale of travel documents (tickets) for the requested train.

Processing of applications is carried out around the clock, according to the results of which you will receive an Order Notification by e-mail specified in your application. The notice will contain the conditions for processing travel documents.

Registration of travel should be carried out within the time specified in the Notification, otherwise the seats will be sold in free sale.

Travel documents in international railway traffic to the CIS and Baltic states are issued on the basis of information about the document,

Passenger identification (children under 14 years of age - birth certificates). When applying for a reduced fare, you must submit the original document entitling you to a discount.

Please note that travel documents are issued only to the persons specified in the application.

Please note that travel documents (tickets) for group applications are issued in accordance with the Procedure for organizing transportation of organized groups of passengers by regional, interregional and international trains on the Belarusian Railway, available follow the link .

By choosing the following operation, you confirm your acceptance of the specified conditions.